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1AgricultureAgriculture JhansiSupply work
2Health and Family WelfareCMS District Mahila Hospital LalitpurSupply work
3Health and Family WelfareHealt and Family Welfare Training Center LKOCivil work
4Food and Civil SupplyFood Controller BandaNotice
5IrrigationIrrigation BulandshahrNotice
6Medical and Health ServicesDG Medical and Health Services UP LucknowSupply work
7UPPPAC LucknowSupply work
8PWDPWD Allahabad 1Civil work
9PWDPWD Allahabad 2Civil work
10PWDPWD AllahabadCivil work
11PWDPWD AllahabadCivil work 1
12PWDPWD BulandshahrCivil work
13PWDPWD FaizabadNotice
14PWDPWD GorakhpurCivil work
15PWDPWD Lucknow 2Civil work
16PWDPWD LucknowCivil work
17PWDPWD RampurCivil work
18RESRES EtawahCivil work
19Civil Aviation_UP_LucknowCivil Aviation Directorate Govt of UP LucknowCorrigendum
20DMDM AmbedkarnagarAuction
21IrrigationIrrigation AmbedkarnagarCorrigendum
22IrrigationIrrigation HamirpurSupply work
23FisheriesFisheries UnnaoNotice
24Medical EducationMedical College GorakhpurCorrigendum
25Medical EducationMedical College GorakhpurSupply work
26UPPPAC LucknowSupply work 1
27PWDPWD BulandshahrCivil work 1
28PWDPWD FaizabadCivil work
29PWDPWD LucknowCivil work 2
30PWDPWD LucknowAuction
31PWDPWD SiddarthnagarCivil work
32PWDPWD AgraCivil work
33PWDPWD Lucknow 1Civil work
34Civil Aviation_UP_LucknowCivil Aviation Directorate Govt of UP LucknowNotice
35IrrigationIrrigation AllahabadCivil work
36IrrigationIrrigation LucknowSupply work
37IrrigationIrrigation MoradabadCivil work
38Medical EducationDG Medical Education and Training UP LKOCorrigendum
39PWDPWD LucknowCivil work 1
40PWDPWD SitapurCivil work
41PWDPWD MathuraAuction
42RESRES LucknowCivil work