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1Health and Family WelfareCMO UnnaoSupply work
2Commercial TaxCommercial Taxes UP LucknowAuction
3IrrigationIrrigation EtawahCivil work
4IrrigationIrrigation MeerutAuction
5L.M.CLMC LucknowCivil work
6Ayurvedic and UnaniRTU College and Hospital LucknowSupply work
7Ayurvedic and UnaniRTU College and Hospital LucknowSupply work 1
8Minor IrrigationMinor Irrigation UP Lucknow 1Supply work
9Minor IrrigationMinor Irrigation UP LucknowSupply work
10Minor IrrigationMinor Irrigation AligarhNotice
11Minor IrrigationMinor Irrigation MoradabadCivil work
12NCCNCC Directorate UP LucknowSupply work
13EducationCorrespondence Education UP AllahabadAuction
14EducationCorrespondence Education UP AllahabadNotice
15EducationCorrespondence Education UP Allahabad 1Supply work
16EducationCorrespondence Education UP AllahabadSupply work
17FisheriesFisheries VaranasiNotice
18FisheriesFisheries VaranasiAuction
19HorticultureHorticulture AzamgarhNotice
20HorticultureFSTC Gorakhpur 1Notice
21HorticultureFSTC GorakhpurNotice
22HorticultureFSTC VaranasiNotice
23UPPPolice DeoriaNotice
24PWDPWD AgraAuction
25PWDPWD AligarhCivil work
26PWDPWD AllahabadCivil work
27PWDPWD Azamgarh 1Corrigendum
28PWDPWD AzamgarhCorrigendum
29PWDPWD BandaCorrigendum
30PWDPWD BarabankiSupply work
31PWDPWD BarabankiCivil work
32PWDPWD DeoriaCivil work 1 in Hindi
33PWDPWD DeoriaCivil work 1 in English
34PWDPWD DeoriaCivil work
35PWDPWD Moradabad 1Civil work
36PWDPWD MoradabadCivil work
37PWDPWD SambhalCivil work
38RESRES BaliaCivil work
39RESRES BareillyCivil work
40RESRES HapurCivil work
41Social WelfareDSWO BarabankiNotice
42Animal HusbandryAnimal Husbandry LalitpurAuction
43Panchayati RajDistrict Panchayat BarabankiNotice
44DMDSO FaizabadNotice
45DMSDM LucknowAuction
46IrrigationIrrigation AllahabadCivil work
47IrrigationIrrigation GhazipurCivil work
48FisheriesFisheries SambhalAuction
49IrrigationIrrigation SiddarthnagarSupply work
50IrrigationIrrigation LucknowCivil work
51HorticultureDHO AgraNotice
52PWDPWD KushinagarCivil work in Hindi
53PWDPWD OraiCivil work in Hindi
54RESRES FaizabadCorrigendum
55PWDPWD Banda 1Corrigendum
56PWDPWD BastiCivil work
57PWDPWD Etawah 1Civil work
58PWDPWD EtawahCivil work
59PWDPWD OraiCivil work in English
60PWDPWD KushinagarCivil work in English
61PWDPWD LucknowCivil work
62PWDPWD RaebareliCivil work
63PWDPWD RampurCivil work
64PWDPWD SultanpurCivil work
65RESRES GhaziabadCivil work
66RESRES GorakhpurCivil work
67PWDPWD MuzaffarnagarCivil work